Support us

Why donate? We don't feel that anybody should have to donate but there are several reasons why we think you might wish to:-

How can I donate? The simplest way to donate, is to visit our bandcamp page and purchase one of our songs. All songs on our bandcamp page are 'pay as much as you like', which does mean bandcamp visitors can also download our songs for free and not have to give an email address. Here, you can donate as much or as little as you like and the money will come directly to us (after bandcamp & PayPal have both taken a small fee).

What if I can't afford to donate but would like to? That's no problem. You can still help us out by playing our music on bandcamp, watching our videos on YouTube, and sharing what you like with your friends.

Bandcamp only promote bands that get lots of plays so currently when we put a new song on bandcamp, it does not get shown in the 'New Releases' in their 'Discover' part of the website - not even when your searching for new Reggae. We would like to get more plays on bandcamp to raise our profile and hopefully make it into 'Discover' one day. We've made it easy for you to get us more plays by putting some bandcamp players below that you can just click on.

YouTube again is a place where we would like to get more plays which again would help us to get promoted on their website and hopefully send more traffic this way. You can help us by visiting our studios YouTube channel, playing our videos, liking them, and subscribing.

For us it's always been about the music and not money. However, we would be writing many more songs if it paid the bills...

If you don't want to do any of the above, that's all cool with us - we just hope you enjoy the music.